Is this You?

You have a hard time expressing yourself freely when it comes to a deeper conversation?

You always use the same vocabulary and feel like you need to learn more advanced vocabulary/idiomatic phrases to express yourself precisely?

→ You wish to be able to read TV News, read articles, understand Taiwanese dramas better?

✔ Time to Bring Your Chinese to the Next Level!

 ▶你會學到 You’ll be able to --- 

Discuss confidently different topics including current events, news,

cultural topics with native speakers

Read current news headlines, articles, and understand TV programs and interview

✓ Express yourself in a deeper way by using precise vocabulary, phrases and expressions

Understand both formal written Chinese and more colloquial slang

Understand Taiwanese Dramas better

✓ Understand higher level of vocabulary and expressions  

Have a deeper understanding of Taiwanese culture

Enhance your reading and listening skills through learning real-life materials


What’s special about this course? 

A bespoke Taiwanese Mandarin course informed by my research

Each month you get a new culture topic and two discussion questions. Also an exam video to test your understanding.

→ At the end of each month, the previous lesson will disappear, giving you motivation to stay on the course.

100 % real Taiwanese Mandarin. I’ll be using real-life materials such as interviews, song lyrics, video clips, and/or news articles to introduce each topic.

The content includes formal written Chinese, spoken Chinese and slang. 

For interview-style clips or TV program snippets, a transcript is provided. 

Taiwanese/ Chinese Culture background and knowledge explained. 

Zhuyin, pinyin, traditional Chinese characters and English translations are provided. 

Sentence patterns explained and a word for word breakdown. 

→ Supplement Materials to Boost Your TOCFL B Score

課程大綱 Curriculum

  【1st Month】夜市文化: Night Market Culture
Available in days
days after you enroll
  【2nd Month】 寺廟 & 感情 Temple Culture & Relationship
Available in days
days after you enroll
  【3rd Month】Working & Food Culture
Available in days
days after you enroll
  【4th Month】戰爭 & 政治 & 經濟 War. Politics. Economics
Available in days
days after you enroll
  【5th Month】電影・台灣 LGBT・ 領養真實故事 Cinema. LGBT in Taiwan. Adoption Real Story
Available in days
days after you enroll
  【6th Month】藥 & 廣告 Medicine & Advertisement
Available in days
days after you enroll

"I started using more the PDF provided with the vocab list. I can tell you that it was really useful. The lesson doesn't feel hard anymore after perusing the vocab and a few listening sessions" --- Benjamin

" 我上週才看林老師的課,學到月老,現在看電視劇就看到月老這個字,這樣就能了解她們在講什麼! 林老師的課程真的有用欸,謝謝老師 " --- Claudia 曉安

"我在訂閲課程學會的詞匯真的很好用,像“宅”、“high翻”、“人設”之類的。課程的題目也很讓我瞭解台灣的文化,像月老,真的是跟台灣人討論一個很好的話題。所以我想感謝老師給我們準備很好用並很好玩的課程,真的是很辛苦你了!"--- 阿佳莎

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