Is this You?

 You wish to be be able to comprehend Taiwanese media more (podcasts, movies, TV shows, etc.) 

You wish to and native-like idiomatic phrases or chengyu to talk with Taiwanese people more deeply.

→ You wish to be able to read TV News, read articles, understand Taiwanese dramas better?

→ Are you going to take TOCFL Band B exam soon and wish to boost your sore?

✔ Time to Bring Your Chinese to the Next Level!

你會學到 You’ll be able to --- 

Discuss confidently different topics including current events, news, cultural topics with native speakers

Understand dramas, movies and Taiwanese friends

Express yourself in a deeper way by using precise vocabulary and native-like expressions

Understand both formal written Chinese and more colloquial slang  

Have a deeper understanding of current Taiwanese events and culture

Enhance your reading and listening skills through learning real-life materials


What’s special about this course? 

A bespoke Taiwanese Mandarin course informed by my research

→ Two videos a month: one conversation-type video and one video lesson from contemporary Taiwanese media (news, film clips, shows, music and articles..etc). Also, one Exam to test your understanding.

The content includes formal written Chinese, spoken Chinese and slang. 

For conversation-type video, a transcript is provided. 

Zhuyin, pinyin, traditional Chinese characters and English translations are provided. 

Sentence patterns explained and a word for word breakdown. 

→ Perfect supplement Materials to Boost TOCFL A2 & B Score.

Thank you my students!

"I started using more the PDF provided with the vocab list. I can tell you that it was really useful. The lesson doesn't feel hard anymore after perusing the vocab and a few listening sessions" --- Benjamin

"我在訂閲課程學會的詞匯真的很好用,像“宅”、“high翻”、“人設”之類的。課程的題目也很讓我瞭解台灣的文化像月老,真的是跟台灣人討論一個很好的話題。所以我想感謝老師給我們準備很好用並很好玩的課程,真的是很辛苦你了!"--- 阿佳莎

"After years of studying via outdated dialogues or incredibly dry erudite articles, I had lost interest in continuing my studies.It was a breath of fresh air to restart learning Mandarin with Lin老師’s curriculum material. It makes use of real contemporary Taiwanese media (news & film clips, pop music and written articles to name a few) to improve both your vocabulary and mastery of Mandarin grammar as well as your understanding of Taiwanese culture." --- Kwong

★ You can learn Chinese on Youtube for free,

but you'll SPEND A LOT OF TIME "figuring out"

by yourself.

This program has been systematically designed to help you take your Chinese to the next level in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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